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Roselli Sorrel Liqueur

corpimg This exotic liqueur is smooth and rich and delicious. Made from real Jamaican sorrel, this drink is best served over crushed ice and sipped slowly over some good conversation. Daytime or nighttime, this drink is perfect for unwinding after a long day or for just chilling with friends or as a gift.

Come get yours today at any Things Jamaican store. Only 3.5% alcohol, this product is sold in a 250ml bottle. Things Jamaican is also a distributor of Roselli Sorrel Liqueur so if you are interested in reselling this product contact us at the Head Office (JBDC) at 928-5161-5.

Banfi Banana Paper

Man A YaadThe Golden Grove group from St. Thomas, one of the beneficiaries of the PIMJ project, produces beautiful paper made from 100% banana fiber under the Banfi Craft brand. This banana fiber is derived from the bark of the banana tree, extracted and processed into paper. The paper is then dyed and sold in a variety of colours.


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