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Things Jamaican - Sangster International “Out of many, one people” in this our “land of wood and water” – through our window the traveler can get a sneak preview of the experience that awaits inside this store. Once inside, the colours of turquoise and various shades of blues imitate the feel of the sea and sandy beaches of our tourist attractions, transcending to the blues of the skies as the travelers take off on their journey. The natural colours and browns seek to capture cultural elements such as the straw, the wicker and the burlap, transcending to the darker hues of browns and maroons of the great houses located in Montego Bay and several other parishes in Jamaica.

As you enter the store you will be greeted by the exotic wooden floor, the warm colours, the wide assortment of Jamaican products, the friendly smiles and the infusion of various scents. The scents of aromatic products mingled with the scents of coffee, Jerk spices and sweets will punctuate the air and intoxicate you as you try to take it all in. The product selections which are embedded in the categories of Aromatics, food, fashion, Home accessories, souvenirs and gift packages are strongly influenced by our Afrocentric background and the indigenous materials such a mahoe, cedar, lignum vitae, straw, clay, stone, etc.

Located in the departure lounge of the Sangster International Airport in beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica, this store will “wow” you. But don’t take our word for it, ask our visitors from all over the world who come here to take back a memory, embodied in our rich selections of products. All our products are carefully and beautifully crafted right here in Jamaica so come…see, share and experience the difference.

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