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Things Jamaican - Norman Manley InternationalOn entering the departure lounge at the Norman Manley International Airport, you simply cannot ignore the warm, colourful, inviting lights pulling you into the Things Jamaican Store. While the windows provide a sneak peak of what awaits you on the inside, only a brisk stroll inside will satisfy your needs. Once inside you will be dazzled by the warm colours and the accentuating earth tones along with the magnificent wooden floor. The use of other indigenous materials such as mahoe, cedar, lignum vitae, straw, clay and stone speaks to the natural island vibe.

Look around and you will be captivated by the delightful décor. Exquisitely designed contemporary shelving units, creatively lit by ambient accent and track lights, grace the walls of the store. The layout and design of the store creates an atmosphere of warmth and a pleasant interactive experience between our customer and our friendly sales staff.

Located in the departure lounge of the Norman Manley International airport in Kingston, Jamaica, this unique store has everything you may need to remind you of Jamaica, Land we Love. With its unique, beautiful, high quality Jamaican products, inviting ambience and exceptional customer service, you will always want to come back again and again.

This store caters to a diverse cross-section of outbound travelers from the Island:

  • Jamaicans (living in Jamaica) travelling for business, official government purposes or on vacation to visit family and friends overseas. Our products are ideal for these customers as they reflect various aspects of our culture which absolutely must be shared with those overseas.
  • Jamaicans (living overseas) who come home on vacation to visit family and friends. Our products are ideal for these customers as they seek to educate or remind persons of Jamaica’s heritage and cultural experiences.
  • Visitors to our islandmainly from Europe (including the UK), America, and Asia who want to take back a piece of Jamaica to remind them of the fun/joy that is Jamaica. Our products are excellent for these customers as they seek to forever etch the memories in their hearts.
Our products are all exciting ingenious creations influenced by our Jamaican culture, music, and lifestyle. Whether the desire is for fine arts, literature, fashion accessories, food, gift packages, souvenirs, collectibles and functional items, Things Jamaican will provide the complete Jamaican experience. Come…see, share and experience the difference.


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