Devon House

Things Jamaican - Devon HouseGo back in time to horse drawn carriages, plantation owners and dedicated slaves; take a walk through one of Jamaica’s most celebrated landmarks, the Devon House Great House – first owned by George Stiebel, Jamaica’s first black millionaire. After your walk through this historical attraction stop by yet another – Things Jamaican Store, which is as much a part of our history, and represents and showcases strong aspects of our culture.

Outside this quaint store you will be attracted by the Georgian style brick and lattice architecture, unaltered since the days of the Stiebels. Once inside be treated to warm, inviting yellow, blue and green walls indicative of the warm Jamaican sun and clear blue skies coupled with our rich vegetation. The display solutions add a touch of naturality with their mahoe, cedar, lignum vitae, straw, clay, stone finishes. Be awed by our plethora of products all inspired by our culture, music and heritage and crafted by our strong Jamaican people.

Located at the corner of Hope and Waterloo Roads in Kingston, Things Jamaican Devon House offers a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere where the discerning shopper can find the most unique and elegant products for any personal space or any occasion. Exquisite works of art, unique furnishings, succulent sweet treats, old time favourites, conversation pieces, great collectibles and so much more…Gifts for special occasions can be found here too.

Whether you are a visitor to our island or a Jamaican who appreciates and desires authentic Jamaican made products crafted by our local artisans, Things Jamaican Devon House is the right place for you. So, come…see, share and experience the difference

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