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Green Expo 2011

Green Expo 2011, hosted by the Jamaica Conservation & Development Trust (JCDT), was held concurrently at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel and the UDC's National Golf Academy from Thursday, June 9 to Sunday, June 12, 2011. JBDC/Things Jamaican participated in this event under the concept "From Waste to Profit". The focus was on highlighting the various ways that Jamaicans can use discarded products/materials to produce new, profitable products, thus turning "trash into cash".

The product mix included products made from waste and products made with predominantly natural ingredients such as:

  • Wall hangings made from saw dust, framed images on banana fibre paper, lamps made from alabaster, lamp shades made from banana fibre.
  • Banana fibre paper sheets, books made from breadfruit fibre and recycled paper,
  • Tonics made from Noni and Aloe Vera, natural tea bags made from soursop, lemon grass, guinea hen weed and medina, capsules made from soursop, noni and bird pepper
  • Soaps made from noni, soaps made from goat's milk, soaps made from allspice, shampoos and oil moistures for locks and natural hair made from various essential oils and herbs.


The main attraction in the booth was the presentation of the banana fibre paper process. The display showed the steps involved in making the paper; from the extraction of the fibre from the trunk to the dyeing and pulping of the fibre, to the drying of the sheets. Examples of by-products were also displayed.

The TJ booth won "best message" from the Government agency category


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