The groups involved in the project include:


  • Dallas Castle group from Dallas Castle, St. Andrew – Tomato jams; Pineapple jelly; Jerk Seasonings
  • Lime Tree Gardens group from Lime Tree Gardens, St. Ann – Salted & Unsalted Peanuts; Peanut Cakes; Jerk and Cinnamon Flavoured Peanuts
  • Mango Valley Visionaries from Mango Valley in St. Mary – Otaheti Apple Balls; Banana, Plantain and Breadfruit flour; Jerk seasoning; Dried Kola Nut; and Guava, Mango and Mango Passion Jams.
  • Snow Hill Women's Group from Buff Bay in Portland – Sorrel, Cucumber and Banana wines; Orange marmalade; June plum and sorrel jams; Coconut & Carrot Gizzadas.


  • Carey Park Group from Duncans Trelawny – Wood/Lignum Vitae utensils, salad servers and spoons; Miniature carved pipes
  • Accompong group from Accompong, St. Elizabeth – Gumbay Drums; Abengs and sarongs
  • Nature's Handmade group from Fairy Hill, Portland – Stationery from recycled paper and plant fiber
  • Golden Grove group/Banfi Craft Group from Golden Grove in St. Thomas – products from banana fiber
  • Oxford women in Progress, group of women from St. Mary – handbags; hats; table mats; napkin rings
  • St. Helena's Women's Group from Retrieve in St. Elizabeth – straw baskets Northern Youth Artisans from Trelawny

The finished products from these groups will be available through Things Jamaican stores.


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